Sustainability (Green Projects)

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Hovander Residence; Passive solar heating with waste heat used from Dairy Milking Parlor

Ashby Residence; Passive & Active solar heat with flat plate collectors, trombe & waterwalls.

Shinnecock Oyster Hatchery; custom whole roof active solar collector and super insulation.

BFD Fire Staion No. 3; Passive & Active solar systems using panels and waterwalls. (1980)

Hillside Homes: 24 Housing authority duplex homes with active solar HW, trombe walls,

and numerous energy efficiency strategies. Received Award as the best Housing

project in the United States in 1980 by the National Association of Housing Officials

and an award from NW Chapter Of the American institute of Architects.

Pineapple House; Qualifies for Platinum LEED-R for non-toxic & energy efficiency strategies.

Rastra Blocks, Air-to-Air heat exchangers, Active/Passive Solar, 100% non-toxic

materials, etc.

Gaston Bay Building; 28,000 sf adaptive reuse from warehouse to pending LEED Gold offices.

Integration of LEED strategies in all current projects and Low Impact Development concepts for all master plans designs.

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