Single Family Residential

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Jorve Residence, 2,500sf, Lummi Island, WA, 1996

Bailey Estate design, 15,000sf, 2000

Robey Residence, 3,500 sf, Bellingham, WA, 2002

Camp Residence Art Studio, 1000 sf, Lummi Island, WA

Solar Clock House. Bellingham, 1990

Pineapple House Bellingham, 2000

Alper Residence, Add. & Alt.,Bellingham. 2009

Baker residence Add. & Alt. 2008



Gaasland At and Add.


Hildebrand Residence

Jorve Residence

Haro House

Schmidt family residence alterations

Sanibel House

Laufer HQ House

Maris residence

Madrona House

Paskus Home @ 1153 Old Marine drive

Campbell Cabin at Snoqualmie Ridge

Sektzer/Pricket Residence alterations

Hovander Residence (Dairy waste heat)

Anderson Residence

Ashby Residence (Active and passive Solar)

Finnegan residence alterations and additions

Fleetwood Residence Alterations

Hunter Residence alterations

Eaton Residence, Mount Vernon , WA

White Residence, Birch Bay, WA

Campbnell residence, lake whatcom

Bower residence

Camp Residence studio

Alper Residence

Doherty Residence

Fine residence

Campbell Cabin

Turk Condominium

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