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Snappy Car Rental, Auburn, WA, 5000sf, Jouflas & Associates, 1989

Goodwill Industries Retail Center, Auburn, WA, 8,880sf, Jouflas & Assoc., 1989

PartyLine Store, 6000,sf, Auburn, WA, Jouflas & Assoc., 1989

HomeExpo! @ Factoria Square Mall, 6,610sf, Bellevue, WA, HomeExpo!, Inc., 1990

Envision Showroom at Sash & Door, Bellingham, WA, 3,500 sf, 1992

Grand Openings Showroom, Little Rock, AK, 2,000sf, One Source Home Center, 1995

Barron Heating Showroom, Office and Warehouse, 32,250 sf, Ferndale, WA (W/ Carletti Architects)

Cordata Place Retail Center, Bellingham, WA, 46,000sf, Trillium Corp., (in Assoc. w/ ZGA)

Blossom Commons, Retail/Office Center, _____ sf, Blossom Management Co. 2005.

1300 Lakeway Alt.

Balfour Village Master Plan, 160,000 sf, Kendall, WA

Birch Bay Square alterations to lifestyle center, master plan & DD, 108,000 sf, Birch bay, WA

Cost Cutter 13,200 sf? Center (W/ Landsem Architects)

Djalali Art Gallery Building

Fountain Street Espresso

Trillium prototyp espresso Stands

Garrett rezone 11 acres, 120,000 sf 1995?

James Street Center

1300 Lakeway Strip Center renovation

Lakeway center

Shrimp Shack?

Espresso Driveup prototype designs

Starbucks Espresso, Custer, WA

Barron Heating, Retail and service facility.

Village Books building, Bookstore and Café

Sehome Village Renovation masterplan

Rocket Market (Now Greens corner)

Cost Cutter Center Retail center, WSL store, 20,000 sf

Fountain Street Espresso, Burlington, WA

Lynden Mercantile Building, adaptive reuse, Lynden, WA

Blossom Commons

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