Offices, Single Tenant

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Windermere Real Estate, Bellingham, WA, 10,000 sf, 1995.

Trillium Corporation, Downtown, 3,553 sf, Bellingham, WA, 1990

Bellingham Underwriters, 13,750 sf, 2009

Fairhaven Studios design, Blossom Management Co. 2006

1812 Cornwall Alterations & Additions to existing. 20,000 sf

Brown & Cole, Inc, Corporate HQ, 34,000 sf

Bank of the Pacific Design, 60,000sf/struct pkg, 2005

Geiger Engineer Offices, 3,000 sf

Northwest Washington Medical Bureau (Now Premera Blue Shield) 92,000 sf

Gaston Bay Building, 24,00 sf GOLD LEED waterfront adaptive reuse

Roy & Simmons law offices. Adaptive reuse, 5,000 sf

Trillium Corporation, Cordata, 30,000 sf

Robey Law offices, 3,000 sf

Bellingham Underwriters, Inc. Adaptive reuse, 12,000sf

Attachmate Corporation, 8500 sf

DIS Corporation, Cordata, 45,000 sf (Now Whatcom Community College)

TCI Corporation of Washington, 24,000 sf Office, Studios, Maint cable services. (Now Verizon)

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