Northwest Heritage Masterplan

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The Northwest Heritage Masterplan was created through a collaboration of many major players for an area encompassing territories in two countries, native land, a border crossing, and other mixed use commercial and public areas.

The joint objective was to preserve the rich historical value of the region while meeting modern needs for both public and commercial use. The site plan was developed in conjunction with the City of Blaine, WA, the City of White Rock, BC, the Semiahmoo First Nations, Native Tribes from NW Washington and the Trillium Corporation.  The overall concept development plan integrated over 8 miles of waterfront, including downtown historic Blaine, a marine discovery center, Drayton Harbor Marina, a White Rock/Blaine Ferry connection, the Semi-ah-moo resort, a Native American Heritage Center, two golf courses, a Semiahmoo First Nations Park, Peace Arch Park at the US/Canada Blaine Border Crossing, important shellfish harvesting areas, the California Creek Estuary, an Agricultural Heritage Center and a Forestry Center.

The Master Plan as envisioned by many diverse participants.

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