Multi-Family Residential

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McRight Apartments, 6 units, Seattle, WA, McRight Group, 1987

Corum Place, East Wenatchee, WA, 35 Zero Lot-line paired homes, 4.7 Ac. 1994

Gladstone Apartments, Bellingham, WA, 36 Units/Struct Pkg., Maris Capital, Inc., 2001

Lombard Apartments, Everett, WA, 8 Units, 1985

Carmen Apartments, Bellingham, WA, 4 Units, Gilbert Development, 1997

494 South State St., 4 Unit Luxury Condo, TSB Investments, 2002

Baker Creek master plan, 197 units, Bellingham, WA, 14 Ac., 2005

City Suites Townhouses, 26 units, Bellingham, WA 1999.

Bellis Ridge Comdominiums Schematic Design, Bellingham, Blossom development, 2008

Laurel Studios Apartments Design , Blossom management Co.,

10th & Larrabee Condominiums, 25 units over structured Parking w/ commercial space.


Stonegate Masterplan charette, Richmond, CA, DeSilva group.2000

4020 Deemer



Hillside homes

Terrell Creek Villas on the Bay

Point Richmond, CA

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