I took to drawing like a fish to water - David Christensen featured in the Bellingham Herald

Posted on: 05. Dec, 2011 by: admin in News

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Dave Christensen always knew he wanted to be an architect, and the area’s growth has him in the right place at the right time
These are busy times for architect Dave Christensen, who works on anywhere from 20 to 50 projects each month.


Architect David Christensen is, to say the least, busy. Take last month for example.

He was working on the redevelopment of the former Peace Arch Factory Outlets, master planning an 800-unit housing development in Blaine, doing preliminary planning of a 100-unit condo project on State Street, and leading a discussion about the future of the Fairhaven Highlands.

While being involved with those projects appears daunting enough, they were just some of the 20 to 50 projects he’s typically involved with each month.
To read more see … http://bbjtoday.com/blog/i-took-to-drawing-like-a-fish-to-water/1077

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