Inspiration Point (Woodstock Farms)

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16 acres of historic, private property was acquired by The City of Bellingham Parks Department that provided critical connectivity to other trails and open space areas.  Inspiration Point is part of the Woodstock Farm complex located at 1200 Chuckanut Drive, a country home estate created by Cyrus Gates, a prominent Fairhaven parks and public works leader and philanthropist. The overlook was built in the first decade of the 1900’s to serve a new national trend in scenic touring by automobile.  One hundred years later, the trend has turned to a healthy desire by the public to have access to connected, high quality walking and running trails in natural spaces.

A public charrette was facilitated by CDM over 2 days to determine the best uses for the view site and historic on site buildings for public use. The surprising result was not a redevelopment plan per se, but a critical set of Guiding Principles for best stewardship and preservation of this land.

Using these agreed principles, the planning and building phases produced improvements which include a trail to the reconstructed historic Inspiration Point overlook, as well as Woodstock Farm driveway improvements, ADA parking, and a protective highway barrier, park furniture and landscape planting. Construction was completed in January of 2011 and the project is open to the public.

The plan that grew out of collaborative principles for optimum use of green space.

The Inspiration Point Overlook during the 1910’s.

The Inspiration Point Overlook, 2008, prior to renovation.

Public meeting in the barn

View Shelter

Barn Section


Covered Areas

Work session during charrette with Parks Department

The newly renovated Inspiration Point Overlook

The new trail leading through Woodstock Farms to Inspiration Point


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