How Can Collaboration Save Time and Money?

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There are two main advantages to working in the context of a Charrette.

  1. ┬áCollaboration: Rather than the traditional method of development where an architect or planner develops their ideas on their own, a charrettes takes place in a highly collaborative environment where stakeholder participation is key. The inclusion of multiple perspectives results in well-rounded and realistic proposals, and leaves participants with the satisfaction of having had a say in the final outcome. While the project may end up being very similar to what was originally proposed, important stakeholders such as community organizations, regulators, tenants, neighbors, etc… will feel that it was THEIR idea, take ownership, and be advocates.
  2. Fast and Cost Effective: Charrettes are fast, and relatively inexpensive. In the highly speculative initial stages of a project it is important to keep costs to a minimum while being able to quickly take advantage of opportunities and meet deadlines. Charrettes provide a way to work through critical components of a project such as creating stakeholder buy-in, developing an acceptable design and identifying costs, usually within 2-5 days.

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