Grandis Pont Master Planned Community

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Grandis Pond Stakeholders had a vision:

Our vision for Grandis Pond is to implement a project consistent with the goals of smart growth promoting environmental stewardship with scio/economic benefits for citizens of Blaine in a master plan that maximizes the natural attributes of the site while eliminating the negative impacts of development.

Grandis Pond Master Planned Community is on the 49th parallel in Blaine, WA.  For the vision to be implemented, the stakeholders had many questions to answer and problems to solve before the plan would be acceptable.  Multiple community charrettes were held with participation from neighbors, realtors, regulators and stakeholders.  The environmentally sensitive project eventually had 1013 mixed density homes and 20,000 sf of commercial space.  The land used was 450 contiguous acres with over 95% preservation of all wetlands that covered over 1/3 of the site.

This overview shows the boundaries of the property and placement in relation to the City of Blaine and the waterfront.

Charrette No. 2

Another charrette for Grandis Pond planning.

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