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Blaine Wharf District Master Plan

The Blaine Wharf District Master Plan is the City’s and Port’s coordinated strategy for the future of the waterfront. It establishes public policy and development standards for all new public and private development in the Wharf District that will create a lively mixed use district for living, working, and playing. This Plan, in conjunction with development regulations set forth in the City of Blaine’s Land ... more

Cornwall Beach (Area 10)

What do you get when you mix a Brownfield with waterfront property in Northwest Washington?  A lot of potential with a lot of work to realize that potential.  Brownfield sites are abandoned or underused industrial and commercial facilities available for re-use.  Waterfront property anywhere in Washington is expensive, and not easy for the public to acquire in the current economy.  Brownfield sites often require substantial ... more

"... the workshop was operated in the original 'story board' conference style developed by Walt Disney ..." — Nick Winslow, President, Harrison Price Company, Torrance, CA ... more

"Dave Christensen knows the "rules-of-thumb" for so many different building types that he is invaluable for brainstorming during the initial master plan concept stage." — Ken Hertz, President, Blossom Development Corporation, Kamuela, HI ... more

"If I want a project design that needs to be done quickly to determine feasibility, and needs fantastic preliminary marketing graphics, I go to Dave Christensen. The designs also happen to be excellent and depict a realistic budget." — A. Faruk Taysi, Vice President, Trillium Corporation, Seattle, WA ... more

Geiger Engineers

"Dave is one of the most open and creative team players I know. I am always encouraged to push for better solutions that are innovative, yet inexpensive and easily built." — Kris Hamilton PE, Principal, Geiger Engineers, New York, NY ... more

Grupo Tierra

"Mr. Christensen is an extremely dynamic and creative planner. It doesn't take him very long to understand the complex dynamics of local conditions and translate them into designs everyone loves." — Maria del Pilar Portela, Director, Grupo Tierra, San Jose, Costa Rica ... more