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Master Planning - Listen, Brainstorm, Draw Fast
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Northwest Heritage Masterplan

The Northwest Heritage Masterplan was created through a collaboration of many major players for an area encompassing territories in two countries, native land, a border crossing, and other mixed use commercial and public areas.

The joint objective was to preserve the rich historical value of the region while meeting modern needs for both public and commercial use. The site plan was developed in conjunction with the ... more

Army Street Project Masterplan

As part of the Bellingham Waterfront redevelopment, the Army Street Project is 1.5 million sq. ft. of mixed use commercial and civic/public use areas, including a public library, a satellite campus for Western Washington University, a hotel, and a conference center. Plans included adaptive reuse of existing historic buildings, public plazas, and open spaces. The project also included shoreline restoration, railroad integration, and a strong ... more

Samish Way Urban Villiage Master Plan

The City of Bellingham, as part of a long term plan for encouraging higher density development in targeted areas, rezoned a stretch of existing highway near Samish Way off of Interstate 5 through North Bellingham. The City's Planning Department chose Masterplanning to create an Urban Village Master Plan for the redevelopment.

We began the process by hosting public design charrettes with stakeholders to implement design standards ... more

Blaine Wharf District Master Plan

The Blaine Wharf District Master Plan is the City’s and Port’s coordinated strategy for the future of the waterfront. It establishes public policy and development standards for all new public and private development in the Wharf District that will create a lively mixed use district for living, working, and playing. This Plan, in conjunction with development regulations set forth in the City of Blaine’s Land ... more

Cornwall Beach (Area 10)

What do you get when you mix a Brownfield with waterfront property in Northwest Washington?  A lot of potential with a lot of work to realize that potential.  Brownfield sites are abandoned or underused industrial and commercial facilities available for re-use.  Waterfront property anywhere in Washington is expensive, and not easy for the public to acquire in the current economy.  Brownfield sites often require substantial ... more

New Whatcom Draft Framework Plan 2026

We came back after the charrette for the Waterfront Futures Group to prepare the New Whatcom Draft Framework Plan 2026.  This was the overall concept masterplan for redevelopment of the 160 acres of Bellingham Waterfront, based on input from the Public, the Port of Bellingham, the City of Bellingham, and Advisory Groups.  Together we successfully integrated a working waterfront of public and mixed commercial use ... more

Deer Harbor Resort

Deer Harbor Resort

This Orcas Island (Time Share) Resort. ... more

Marine Drive Industrial Park

Feasibility concept masterplan for approximately 180,000 sf Industrial buildings and 20,000 sf office with alterations to existing 20,000 sf industrial building for Center Bay Management Corporation, Bellingham, WA.


... more

Trickle Creek

Mixed Use concept master plan Commercial Center w/ 17,000 sf Retail & 24 apartments. ... more

Bayview Ridge

Bayview Ridge

Concept masterplan to be utilized for a Planned Unit Development Ordinance in Skagit County  to enable a final masterplan for approx. 516 SF & 96 MF homes, zoned areas for  public school, commercial,   light industrial and active recreation areas for total 240 acres. ... more

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