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1. Listen        2. Brianstorm   3. Draw Fast ... and Listen Again!

The design charrette creates an environment of collaboration and seeks consensus to quickly develop an approved land or building development program that will help speed up the design process and gain faster approvals for proponents.

1. Listen
The key is to listen. People want to be heard and recognized. The feeling of having been heard is empowering at ... more

8 Tips for a Successful Charrette

A charrette creates an environment of collaboration and consensus to develop an approved land development program that will help quicken the design process and gain faster approvals for entitlements. As an alternative to long-range city planning, this process can be used successfully for private projects to gain public programming consensus.

The following tips share how facilitators can execute a great charrette:

1) ... more

4 Dilemmas of Development

Public and private developers often find that community organizations, citizens and special interest groups are well informed and active, and clearly want a role in defining what happens in their communities. Today’s developer must find an efficient way to tap into the positive energy in the community and focus it on helping to make the project successful.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Dilemma #1–
You have a ... more

There are two main advantages to working in the context of a Charrette.

  1.  Collaboration: Rather than the traditional method of development where an architect or planner develops their ideas on their own, a charrettes takes place in a highly collaborative environment where stakeholder participation is key. The inclusion of multiple perspectives results in well-rounded and realistic proposals, and leaves participants with the satisfaction of having had ... more