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Master Planning - Listen, Brainstorm, Draw Fast
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Mixed use

1100 Cornwall ? BPDA

Keyhaven Building,in Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA

Lincoln Center, Seattle, WA (Lincoln Property co.)

Morse Center (Retail, office, residential on 4 downtomw blocks) masterplan

Pacific Meridian Plaza, 120,000 sf offices, Hotel, Retail, Office, restaurants.

Lynden Market Square Mixed use Urban Village

1030 N. State Street 7,200 sf Retail/Office

Dahlquist Building. Renovation of historic 1908 building for restaurant, & residential. ... more


Cordata Health Campus, 270,000sf, 24 ac., Bellingham, WA, Trillium Corp., 1989

BioLife Plasma Services, 12,600 sf, Bellingham, WA

Consultants in Medicine; Pathology, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Dermatology, Cardiology,

Radiology, Gastroenterology, 30,000 sf, Bellingham, WA (In Assoc. w/ ZGA)

Hansen Chiropractic, Bellingham, Wa, 6,000 sf, 1997 (In Assoc. w/ MMJ)

Bellingham Vision Clinic 3000 sf 1995

Madrona Medical, 24,000 sf Internal Medicine Group Practice.

Northwest Pathologists master plan & program, 10,000 SF

Buell Kingsley Medivcal ... more

Manufactured / Modular

Timberland homes, prototype & Custom modular home designs

Transform LLC. Prototype & Custom Module Designs and standardized details

Guerdon Homes

GreenFab Homes.

Zeta Communities

James Street Homes

Telegraph Homes

Brickyard Homes, Blaine, WA ... more

Far West Industrial park, Mukilteo, WA, 10, 740sf, Speedway Development Assoc., 1989

Workshops, Prototype Design Guidelines, Trillium Corporation, 1995

Workshops, Pasadena, CA, 32,000 sf, Trillium Corporation, 1998

Workshops, Glendale, CO, 40,000 sf, Trillium Corporation, 1996

Cordata Industrial Building, Bellingham, WA, 58,000 sf, Trillium Corporation, 1998

Banner Business Park Master Plan, 320,000sf, 26 Ac.,Whatcom Co., Eiford Dev., 1994

Spruce Street Warehouse Alterations/FedEx, 40,000, Burlington, WA, Morris Piha co.2004

Pantec Commercial Center

Marine Drive Industrial ... more

Live/Work and Work/Live

Fairhaven Workstudio master plan

Cordata Work Studios

Laurel Street Studios


WorkSpace ? Pasadena,CA / Seattle,WA /  Glendale, Co ... more


Bellingham Library Program and site utilization analysis

Bellingham Library Interior Alterations ... more


Retirement Center:

Happy Valley Continuing Care Community Master Plan, Gresham, OR,

Athletic  Club Facilities

Bellingham Athletic Club Downtown

Bellingham Athletic Club Meridian

Gold’ Gym Athletic Club, Kirkland, WA

Womens  Center, Athletic club, Redmond, WA

City of Vavcouver, BC, Canada

BC Place Stadium redevelopment concepts (w/ Geiger engineers)

City of Bellingham, WA

Bellingham Public Library master plan program and site utilization study

Bellingham Fire Station No. 3 (Passive & Active solar systems)

Bellingham Library Interior improvements and alterations.

Old ... more


Blaine WWT Facility Master plan and Charrette facilitation (Ch2MHill)

Post point WWT Facility master plan and public facilitation (Carrollo)

Bellingham Combined sewer Overflow facility Site analysis and public facilitation (Tetra Tech)

Central Avenue Road access Improvements and public Charrette facilitation (Tran Tech)

Bellingham Waterfront Bridges / road planning and public facilitation. (HDR) ... more

Industrial / Manufacturing

Kirkland Custom Cannery, 7,200sf, Kirkland Custom Cannery Co., 1989

Caitac Manufacturing, 25,000sf, Bellingham, WA, Caitac Corporation

Gargoyles Eyewear, Lynnwood, WA 90,000sf, Trillium Corporation, 1997

Alpha Technologies, 40,000sf, Bellingham, WA

Alpha Solar Strategy Concepts, Nationwide Product Design Ideas, 2002

Blue Seas Marine Systems, 60,000 sf, Bellingham, WA, 2004

Pacific Industrial Park Masterplan, Blossom mgmt. Co.Ferndale, WA 77,000 sf. 2004

Gargoyles sunglasses Manufacturing,30,000 sf. Lynwood, WA 1997

Exploration Air aircraft hangar

Marine drive Industrial park master ... more


Larrabee Springs masterplan, 80 rm hotel w/ spa, conference, dining.

Staybridge Suites100 rm  Extended stay hotel mixed Use masterplan (Daylight properties)

Holiday Inn at Pacific Meridian Plaza, Bellingham, WA. 102 rms.   (AIA Award)

La Quinta Hotel, 100 Rms, Master Plan Designs for Entitlements, Bellingham, WA

Staybridge Suites, (ICH Hotels ) Master Plan Designs for Entitlements, Bellingham, WA

Homestead Hotel at Homestead Resort, Lynden, WA.

Great Links Resorts; Time-share Hotel Suites & ... more

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