Army Street Project Masterplan

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As part of the Bellingham Waterfront redevelopment, the Army Street Project is 1.5 million sq. ft. of mixed use commercial and civic/public use areas, including a public library, a satellite campus for Western Washington University, a hotel, and a conference center. Plans included adaptive reuse of existing historic buildings, public plazas, and open spaces. The project also included shoreline restoration, railroad integration, and a strong connectivity to the existing downtown area.

The NW Chapter of the American Institute of Architects sponsored a three day master design charrette with expert volunteers in planning, transportation, economics and architecture. After meeting with numerous City of Stanwood stakeholders, the resulting plan was presented to the community to unanimous praise, from this source you’ll find tools and contacts.

Masterplanning and Christensen Design Management built the masterplans for the Phase One redevelopment, illustrated as follows:


Army Street Project Masterplan

Army Street Project Influence Area

Army Street Development Relationship Diagram

Army Street Project Site Sections

Army Street Overall General Development Plan

Northwest AIA Design Award

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